Exact Flashing Software

Exact Flashing Overview

The Android™ and iOS® Tablet/Phone Application to specify flashings while on the roof

  • Do you waste time drawing on paper, measuring and specifying flashings while standing on the roof?
  • Do you have problems getting your flashings made to your specifications?
  • Would you like to have your flashings specified accurately from the convenience of your pocket?


Exact Flashing is the answer in 4 simple steps on your tablet/phone:

  1. Enter the Project Details
  2. Select the flashing drawing
  3. Enter the flashing dimensions including Length and Number Off
  4. Email directly to the flashing supplier from the tablet/phone
How It Works
  • What is NEW in Version 2
  • A DXF formatted output of each flashing is now automatically produced
  • The DXF files are emailed to the supplier along with the flashing drawings
  • The DXF files can be directly loaded into a CNC Bending Machine
  • Input errors on entering dimensions into Bending Machines are eliminated
  • Flashings are accurate, can be made quickly and delivered to site

  • Emails can be emailed directly while on site, no faxing or scanning
  • All flashings for project in one PDF file
  • Professional flashing drawings
  • Flashing drawings can have up to six dimensions along with Length and No. Off
  • Additional flashing drawings can be added
  • Available in English or Metric Units
  • Versions for Android phones & tablets, and iPhone and iPad

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