Exact Flashing

Exact Flashing

How It Works

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Overview of Exact Flashing - How to specify a flashing and email to your supplier, all while standing on the roof.

Client & Flashing Setup

Each Client or Company is setup up with their own details, their own members, and their own unique set of flashings. The flashings can be their own, or a subset of the 100+ flashings available with Exact Flashing. Each flashing has associated with it a set of Options or Measurements A to G, and W to Z.

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Start a Job and Enter Flashings

A member would login, start a new job, select a flashing and enter the dimensions of the flashing. The member would continue entering flashings until the job is complete.

Email Supplier

On completion of flashing entry, the member can then email the Job and its associated flashings to the Supplier. Alternatively the member can email to their manager for review before sending on to the Supplier.

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User Feedback

We are excited about Exact Flashing because our previous experience has been that by the time the roofer sketches the flashing, scans the sketch in and emails it, the sketch interpreted by the flashing maker, the flashing cut and bent, and then sent to site, it is about a 50-50 chance it was anything like what was actually required!

PKM Manager

...its very easy to use...

RB Manager

Exact Flashing... looking forward to it...

TD Manager